My name is Julie Ben Semmane and I am a singer, educated at The Royal Academy of Music. I am mainly engaged in improvisational song and music, as well as in writing – music, novels, and theater.


Through my education at the Academy, I had the opportunity to immerse myself in improvisational singing with Tibetan singing bowls and other tone instruments and beautiful sounds from all over the world. This opened up a whole new world to me! Every time I sat down to sing with all these sounds and timbres, I was gripped by a sort of purity – no expectations, no performance, just a moment of complete honesty – musical honesty! I could also call it a kind of musical purification!

A secret door
In this new universe of songs and sounds, one day I discovered a secret door. Not a door of the kind that lead you into a new room, but one of those doors that lead you back to an old room with the same furnishings, but with new lighting. At first, I was wondering if it might be a trap? Like one of those traps I have set subconsciously many times, only to jump into them myself with great elegance and aplomb! But ever so slowly, this old room in new clothes turned out to be an unexplored country and a source of peace, inspiration, and creativity.

I realized that the time was right to do this! Meaning paint and compose from within and out of this room’s inspiring energy. I had never been good at painting, so I put that off, but I loved to develop my abilities as a composer.
I submerged myself in the warm, deep, and embracing tones of my instruments, allowing them to lead the way for my voice. 100% in the moment with my eyes closed.

This all flowed into a genre and into a musical expression that was completely new for me. On top of all this, I had my daughter, and the inspiration for a new album was born with her. An album that slowly matured in this secret room that isn’t really so secret anymore.

Read more about my upcoming album here!

With much love - and enjoy!



Opening Of A Flower - Julie Ben Semmane "Songs made in Bardo"
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