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Secrets Of The Mouintain - Julie Ben Semmane "Songs made in Bardo"
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Opening Of A Flower - Julie Ben Semmane "Songs made in Bardo"
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Heart-Song - Julie Ben Semmane "Songs made in Bardo"
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Nyrupvej 19, Ørsted,

5620 Glamsbjerg, Denmark

New album out

the 25th september 2018:

 "Songs made in Bardo"

”Songs made in Bardo” is recorded with vocal mixed with singing bowls, chimes, windchimes, and tone-instruments from Malaysia and Nepal.

The songs were written in the moment they were recorded and are an inspiration for presence, tranquility and deep creative energy.”

"I 2016, I gave birth to my daughter, and everything changed. If I hadn’t felt so dependent on food and a roof over my head, I could have quit all work, music, theater and writing, just to sit and gaze at this little miracle.

Suddenly, this little human was the most important and only one in the world – I was even ready to have another 10 of them (However, this changed after the hormone days had passed.)

As I said, I completely lost my artistic focus, and by that I mean that I couldn’t care less about any and all of the artistic goals I had ever set for myself! The motherhood's grip had caught me and I loved it!

This did, however, cause something new to grow. Something that was so genuine and nude that initially I felt vulnerable. Out of that grew this album. An altogether naked and brightly vivid album. Recorded in the light of exactly all of this."

What is “Bardo”?

The word “Bardo” is Tibetan and means “between two” – meaning a gap. My inspiration comes from the Buddhist reincarnation concept – developing between 2 stages. It might be between two lives, between 2 days (while sleeping), between inhaling and exhaling. It can also be through a refreshing sneeze, a shower, or a loving embrace. In short, this gap can happen wherever there is a desire to let go of something old and jump on a new plan. This album was written at such a stage.

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